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            Rick Metrick,  

We all have times when it 
can be helpful to talk to a  professional counselor.  

There are times when emotional pain, dissatisfaction with some aspect of our lives, or specific stresses create difficulties too great to handle alone. 

Most first time clients have a number of reservations about seeing a therapist. I have constructed this web site to help prospective clients become more familiar with my practice.

Since counseling involves a dynamic relationship between the therapist and client, I attempt to tailor make therapy to the specific needs of each client.  

Each client is viewed as a creative person actively involved in the therapeutic process. Collaborating together allows the client to accomplish their goals and meet their specific challenges.

As you review our Statement of Disclosure, you will notice that we offer a unique spiritual approach for clients who desire spiritual guidance.  If fact, my doctorate in in  Christian Counseling Psychology.

Clients  should understand that we respect spiritual diversity and refrain from imposing our spiritual values on others.

                     Shannon (Bond) 
                          MA; LPC 

Shannon has been counseling at Total Life Counseling, Inc for several years.  She began her professional counseling experience with Dr. Metrick serving as her ALPS (Approved Licensed Professional Supervisor).  

Her clients are very pleased with her counseling style and her working knowledge of theory and practical application.

She has earned degrees from West Virginia University, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, and New York University, Steinhardt School of Education. 

Her work experience includes Chestnut Ridge Psychiatric Hospital, Eating Disorders Clinic, FMRS Health Systems, Inc., and research for WVU’s Psychology Department. 

She has experience in Career counseling, children and adolescents. 

Evening appointments are available. You may schedule an appointment with her by calling 304-254-9852.

                       Carolyn Wood, 
                             M Ed; 

Carolyn has been with TLC for three years and we are very pleased with the results of her therapy.  

Her expertise is with children and adults with various behavioral health issues ranging from adjustment  disorders to severe trauma/psychiatric disorders.  

In addition, her expertise includes individual, family,  and marriage counseling, and chemical dependency recovery, while utilizing evidenced based interventions that work.  

Ms. Wood achieved a Masters in Counseling/Psychology at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida, having graduated Chi Sigma, the Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society.  

Her Bachelor’s Degree is in Sociology with minors in Psychology, Social Work, and Social Studies from Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia.

Evening appointments are available. You may schedule an appointment with her by calling 304-254-9852.

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Our Mission is “Helping families, couples, and individuals in Southern West Virginia achieve relational excellence, mental and emotional thriving and personal success.” Some obstacles are developmental, while others are more situational. Some obstacles are heartbreaking and seemingly never-ending: depression, divorce, anxiety, infidelity, chronic stress, pornography, marital conflict, school, grief and loss, employment, uncontrolled anger, and low sexual desire and intimacy. We seek to help our clients discover and develop resiliency in their personal recovery.